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4 Day Product Management Training Course - Open Public Course



We are delighted to offer what we believe is one of the best Product Management courses available. The PM training course has been compiled by experts for professionals and will particularly appeal to Product Managers, Market Development Managers and Product Directors alike. In order to maximise the learning experience, we have purposely kept the class size of our events to a maximum of 6 delegates attending - feedback from this approach has been overwhelmingly positive and provides the best possible learning experience for our delegates.




Please Note: This course can also be held as an internal course to your company, or presented at a location of your choice. Furthermore this course can be customized to meet your exact needs. Please contact us for further information.

        Product Management 3 Day Public Course Dates


Venue: IPM Training Centre, Wimborne, Dorset


Monday 22nd - Wednesday 24th April

Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd May

Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th June

Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th July

Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th September

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd October

Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th November

Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th December

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In-Company Training



We offer a range of  ‘in-house’  training solutions, all of which can be further customised to meet your particular training needs. Within logistical boundaries there are no actual upper limits to the class sizes for internal events and conversely we can even run 1 to 1 courses if required. Likewise course content can be a ‘standard’ course with generic material or modified to meet your company needs and requirements - course content therefore can be based upon our generic process or indeed your own internal company processes.

Please Note: The Product Management Training course is very popular, so it is recommended that you book your prefered dates as soon as possible.  You can reserve / book the course directly at our e-commerce site Arcturus7.com or via the 'contact us form' below.




Who Should Attend...



This course has been specifically designed & developed for managers responsible for taking products (and/or services) to market. We have carefully crafted the content to appeal to all levels of Product Management and covers the foundations and basic principles behind best practice.


The seasoned Product Management professional who requires a comprehensive refresher will also find this course of interest because of the unique content and applied activity workshops. To further enhance the learning experience this course includes a comprehensive set of business models and tools which are licensed to all delegates attending and can be used as part of their job function after the course has finished and return to the working environment. All of our courses are delivered by Principal Consultants and Qualified Professionals who are experts in their field.




Agenda - Successful Product Management




Day 1 : Product Management – Principles,

            Frameworks & Best Practice


  • An overview of the Product Management discipline.
  • Successful Product Management – KPI’s and drivers behind modern Best Practice.
  • Programme Action – PM Workflows and key concepts in practice – …making it happen.
  • Business Objectives and Strategic Intent Planning – How to cascade business strategy.
  • Directing, Orchestrating and motivating the multidisciplinary team to make it happen.
  • How to write, compile and deploy a Product/Marketing Plan that delivers Strategic Intent.



Day 2 : Product Marketing Plans – Analysis,

            Planning and Deployment


  • Understanding and Scoping the Marketing Environment – Practical Tools and Techniques.
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Requrements Definition – modern principles and practice.
  • Value Proposition, Perceptual Positioning & Product Positioning.
  • Product Features and Benefit Analysis – Techniques to optimise Product Qualities.
  • Competitive Benchmarking – Practical ‘competitive advantage’ mapping techniques.
  • Agile Dev., StageGate, Hybrid and Product Management activities in practice.



Day 3 : Programme Management & the ‘Elements’

            of Strategic Control


  • Product LifeCycle Management – Core Principles and Practice across defined 6 phases
  • Core planning Elements and Product Management control – Analysis, Planning and Control
  • Continuous Improvement & Competitive Advantage – Principles and Practice
  • Product Forecasting – Statistical & Assumption based forecasting techniques
  • Marketing Communication – Practical tools and techniques.
  • Launching Products and Services





Interactive Business Models



The following Interactive Business Models are included as part of the 3-Day Product Management Training Course. This ultimately means that the learned content from the course can be deployed immediately. Furthermore, there is a great saving to be made by attending this unrivaled PM course as the individual cost of purchasing the models separately is over £600.


Each delegate attending this course can download the following models...


  •  Creative & Idea Management – Idea management and selection
  •  Customer Analysis - Voice of the Customer Analysis
  •  SWOT Analysis Model – Interactive Situational Analysis (enhanced)
  •  PEST Analysis– Interactive Situational Analysis (enhanced)
  •  Competitor Analysis– Interactive Situational Analysis
  •  Strategic Management Matrices – 20 Traditional and Unique position matrices
  •  Ansoff Matrix – Portfolio Analysis
  • Strategic Impact Analysis - RADA(R)
  •  MFP Strategic Matrices – Boston, GE, Directional Policy
  •  Product Positioning - % market fit, competitive benchmark, value proposition fit
  •  Feature and Benefit Analysis – based on Kano modeling
  •  New Product Screen – Selection of screening tools.
  •  Product Viability Model- Comprehensive DCF, product viability
  •  AHP – Analytical Hierarchy Process for decision making and confidence checking
  •  Marketing Communication – Planning Templates
  •  QFD2000 Software - Requirements definition software (QFD)


2 Day Innovation Management Training



We are delighted to offer what we believe is one the best Innovation Management courses available. The training workshop has been compiled by experts for professionals and designed for individuals working in Innovation Management arena. In order to maximise the learning experience we have purposely kept the class size of our these events to a maximum of 6 delegates attending - feedback from this approach has been overwhelmingly positive and provides the best possible learning experience for our delegate


Practitioner Series - Elements



This unique and dedicated Product Management training suite comprises key architectural building blocks of the highly respected PM methodology and as such represents management ‘best practice’. Each element is a constituent part of the PMM and can be studied and applied as an integrated collection or as an autonomous stand alone subject.


You can also be assured that every aspect of the ‘Practitioner Series’ has been meticulously crafted by experts for dedicated Product Management professionals - it represents a true body of work which can be immediately applied in practice. So for the first time you can choose any subject of interest in the knowledge that it is immediately applicable and beneficial to your role in Product Management.


Every ‘element’ has been strategically aligned to cover the most important and applicable aspects of Product Management. We have with listened very carefully and attentively to our clients (both existing and new) to fully understand their needs and requirements regarding the ‘perfect course(s)’. We are subsequently delighted with the results and can report that both pragmatism and practicality prevails throughout the entire programme. To summarise we have engineered courses (complemented by software) that are modern, immediately applicable with content that can be immediately applied on return to your place of work.


All of our courses are delivered by Principal Consultants and Qualified Professionals who are experts in their field.

Product Managers and cross functional team members will find this definitive collection of individual (1 and 2 day) courses absolutely invaluable. All content has been biased toward your specific discipline and is based upon well-grounded first principles covering generic key concepts /disciplines which are fully complemented by business software models (where applicable as part of the course). The combination of modern management theory, including new/unique techniques, and practical application ultimately means that you can start putting learned techniques into practice immediately after the course. Delegates have ample opportunity to ask questions throughout the course, making the whole learning process interactive and highly effective.


The IPM practitioner series, is a definitive and integrated training programme for management professionals operating in the Product Management arena. So whether you’re the Managing Director, Product Director, Product Manager or a member of the Multidisciplinary Team we are confident that you will find this particular training series to be one of the best available and an invaluable asset to both you and your company.


In summary, the professional content contained within these courses will undoubtedly appeal to the seasoned Product Manager but should equally appeal directly to a Manager who has recently been promoted / joined the profession. If you have previously attended our 3 or 4 day event in the past, please be assured that the PM practitioner course is a perfect complement and extension to the original material provided and once again with that all important practical bias.



‘Our aim is to deliver ‘real world’ course content that in turn can be directly applied on return to the work place... to achieve this objective our courses are complemented by proprietary software business models (as an integrated part of the course)’.


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